Farmhouse is a full service branding studio.

We build compelling brands from scratch.

We make a big deal out of small business.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve come to the right place. Farmhouse helps small businesses tell their unique story with thoughtful brand strategies and distinct, memorable, craft driven visual identities. We believe small businesses deserve a big branding effort, and that’s what we aim to deliver.

Is your business a product  or service?

There are some key differences between the two that determine how we build and launch your brand.
So let’s get this conversation started in the right direction.

Tell us, which one are you?

Find your true north.

Before you market, know your story. You have a story unlike any other, and we can define what makes it unique. We help small business owners navigate a highly competitive marketplace by creating thoughtful brand strategies and distinct, memorable, craft driven visual identities that help find your audience.

What can branding do for your business?

We get you to market.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing identity, the way you deliver your brand to an audience can determine your level of success. We help businesses inspire customer loyalty through compelling design and thoughtful storytelling.

Let us put you
on the map

Our portfolio is full of award winning creative, but our work is best seen in person. We specialize in creating rich, immersive branded environments. More than 30 in the last 4 years to be exact.



Who we are

Farmhouse is two guys with a passion for creating powerful brand experiences and unique visual storytelling.



our process

You have to be a little crazy to be in the brand building business. But there’s a method to our madness.

our awards

Our work doesn’t win awards because it’s pretty. It wins because it inspires loyalty. And we’ve inspired a lot of loyalty over the years.